J.Rose 101


Who do we help?

Who do we assist?

Above all, J.Rose Back Office Resources is exclusive to contractors and skilled trade businesses located on Cape Cod, surrounding areas and the Plymouth area. 

What do we do?

Most importantly, J.Rose specializes in unparalleled bookkeeping, subcontractor management, employee onboarding and administrative tasks such as estimates, creating contracts and invoices and so much more!

How do we assist?

By using industry knowledge and a system of tools specific to contractors. We turn dreadful tasks into powerful profitable tools. 

Problems we solve? 

Our clients are busy contractors working in the skilled trades, they are not administrators or bookkeepers. They are not skilled in back office processes and they have very little time  Your time is valuable and should be spent on your customers and your business, not your back office. Are you ready to off-load time consuming administrative tasks? If so, you are in the right place!

Construction Accounting 101

Allow me to do what I do best so you can do what you do best!

Get a head start on your day by delegating tasks. Consequently, you will create time to enhance your workflow and grow your business! You focus on your business and J.Rose will focus on the back office.

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