services for contractors
services for contractors

Welcome to J.Rose Back Office Resources!

Services for Contractors is what we do. This includes bookkeeping, administrative, subcontractor management, human resources and more. I am affordable, trustworthy and knowledgeable.

J.Rose is where busy contractors find assistance with their bookkeeping, administrative and HR tasks. Check out out services here!


Quick Back Story

Just like you, I have taken all of the skills that I have learned over the years and bottled them up into a business model. Although my business can serve many different industries, I have decided to focus on the skilled trades.

You may be asking why create a niche if you can broaden your market? The skilled trades have many a lot to juggle such as expenses, customer communications, contracts and so much more. Their day get filled up so fast, that these tasks usually take the backseat and that is bad for business. I want to see small skilled trades businesses sustain. In order for that to occur, they need to create powerful tool and know their finances and maintain great customer relations.

J.Rose Back Office Resources is located in South Dennis, MA. I am ready to work with Contractors on Cape Cod, it’s surrounding towns and the Plymouth area. Hire J.Rose today!

My business is your business

I am enthusiastic about helping you and your business excel! Most importantly, I am skilled, experienced and reliable. What more could you ask for?

Do you have years of experience and you’re are thinking about starting your own skilled trades business? J.Rose enjoys working with start-ups and has special introductory rates to those who are beginning a new venture. Let’s connect!